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Written by Monica S. Kuebler   
Wednesday, 16 March 2011 01:58


A list of our current and previous releases. Click any title for more information about the book.



The Wrong (Tobin Elliott)



SuperNOIRtural Tales (Ian Rogers)



7 Brains (Michael Louis Calvillo)

Black-Eyed Kids (Ian Rogers)

Grouch on a Couch (Jeff Cottrill)

Vanishing Hope (Tobin Elliott)

At Louche Ends (Maria Alexander)

This Little Light of Mine (Nate Southard)



The Ash Angels (Ian Rogers)

The Black Sun Set (Lee Thomas)



Temporary Monsters (Ian Rogers)

Operation Dickhead (Mike Bryant)

Primeval Wood (Richard Gavin)

Fresh Blood (Dave Alexander, Kelli Dunlap, Bob Freeman)

Narcotics // Flora (Dane Swan)

Section K: The Demon Subway of North York (Timothy Carter)



Redemption Roadshow (Weston Ochse)

On Tenterhooks (Liisa Ladouceur)

Everyone's Everyman (Dale Percy)

Nothing to Lose (Steve Vernon)

Poems for Addiction. Sex and Sanity (Kate Leadbeater)



Words Written Backwards (Gemma Files)

Sea Change (Adebe D.A.)

The Distance Travelled: A Little Slice of Heaven (Brett Alexander Savory & Gord Zajac)

General Slocum's Gold (Nicholas Kaufmann)

Section K (Timothy Carter)

Guilt Pasta (Jeff Cottrill)

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