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Section K: The Demon Subway of North York (Timothy Carter) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Monica S. Kuebler   
Wednesday, 16 March 2011 04:25

by: Timothy Carter

Chapbook, 16 pages
ISBN: 978-1-926611-05-1
$2.00 USD (or FREE with purchase of Section K novel)

There’s something weird going on in the Toronto subway system. Strange lights appearing in the Sheppard Avenue tunnels. People turning into living zombies with no personality. Rumours of a "ghost train." And when anything unexplained - possibly paranormal - turns up in any Canadian city, who ya gonna call? Howard Plank, of the RCMP’s Section K, that’s who. Too bad Howard is an alcoholic doofus who’s obsessed with the memory of his ex-wife. How will he battle against an evil phantom subway driver and his soul-sucking demon, when he’s so hammered he doesn’t even remember why his superiors sent him there? Find out in this hilarious new spin-off story from Timothy Carter, based on characters from his sci-fi comedy novel Section K!


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